Why Walk In Tubs are Better than Regular Bathtubs 2017-09-18


If you still hold on to your worn out bathtub which seems to be harder to clean, then you need to consider walk-in tubs. These tubs will help you overcome the shortcomings of the traditional bathtubs. Walk-in tubs are preferred because of the following reasons.

Mobility add-ons

Depending on how immobile the senior is, bathtubs can need anything from adding bath lift chairs to adding safety rails. They may even need a conversion which closely emulates the walk-in tubs operability.mobilityaddons

High step-in

Seniors who strain too much to lift their legs for any reason will find it hard to lift them over 14’’-30’’ traditional tubs. The generic and impersonal designs of regular bathtubs are incapable of maintaining the senior bathing independence without assistance from the costly extensions. Walk-in tubs have step heights which range from 0’’-9’’ from the floor. Seniors do not, therefore, have to lift their legs over high walls to practice bathing independence.

Limited safety

When you grow older, you become more prone to slips and falls especially in the bathtub where most of these accidents occur. Traditional bathtubs do not have an answer to such problems since they have generic designs which assume everybody has the same range of reach and motion. Walk-in tubs conversely, are always purchased only when the enclosure fits your description closely so that you feel comfortable and confident when bathing.



Even if you were to transfer seats or benches to the tub, it would be as comfortable as you desire. Walk-in tubs have soft-textured and smooth surfaces which are easy on the skin and keep your back slightly inclined for a relaxing bathing experience.

High maintenance

Regular bathtubs make it impractical to clean once in a while since it is unnecessarily large. This invariably more causes backaches than you need in your lifetime. Every cranny or nook of walk-in tubs enclosure is very easy to reach as well as clean.

No independence

independenceStudies reveal that most senior prefer the things they regularly use to be reached easily. Taking this away from them will be depressing them. Seniors are when they are independent of caregivers and helpers. Walk-in tubs take into consideration these safety precautions when designed and built. With conveniently placed safety bars, wheelchair support, and low entrance threshold, you can ensure the seniors have all that they want to regain their independence.

This is how walk-in tubs help to overcome the shortcomings of the regular bathtubs.…

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