Depression is considered one of the most common disorders of mental health according to the national institute of mental health. About 16 million people suffer from episodes of depression yearly. It is a serious condition of mental health which affects how you think, react, feel or make life choices in life. Although its symptoms can be mitigated effectively with some treatment options like meditation, exercise, counseling sessions and therapy, the problem arises when these strategies do not work and the patient helpless. This is when you need to look for beyond the convention therapies and find ways of coming out of depression.

Today most treatment centers offer a combination of conventional and experiential therapies to help patients get relief from depression. The following are some simple ways to help you be happy even if depression has become part of your life.

Stay active

Keeping your life moving even when depressed calls for you to stay as active as possible in all ways. Practicing yoga, meditation and exercises regularly can help you keep your mind and body rejuvenated. Engaging yourself in activities that you love or moving out of the home to take a walk can be effective in keeping depressed people

Revisiting the past

When depression persists and increasingly becomes difficult to deal with, revisiting your past may be the best approach. Thinking of things you used to enjoy, reliving some of these beautiful memories and engaging in activities which you once loved can keep you going even when you are gripped by depression.

Set the bar low

Depression is usually a chronic disease that has adverse impacts one’s energy level. You, therefore, need to set your goals low for them to be attainable.

Living in the present

This is also an effective remedy for depression. When you are fighting depression, and you have tried various tactics without success, you can try better ways of dealing with your deteriorating mental disorder. Staying and in the present and avoiding thoughts of traumatic events from your past can be an excellent depression therapy. You can break down the day into small parts so that it is easy to focus on one thing at a time.

Connection with family and friends

family and friendsIsolation is always a preference for most people suffering from depression. But doing this may worsen the situation and put you at risk of acquiring other mental disorders. You should always stay in touch with relatives and friends to help prevent loneliness from setting in and hence keeping depression and sadness at bay.

These simple techniques can help you handle depression. Also, avoid stress, relax and keep yourself engaged.