Guide to Choosing a Self-Storage Facility 2019-09-18

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Self-storage facilities can be a great solution if you have items that you need to store but lack space. Many self-storage facilities market themselves as the best, which makes it quite challenging to choose. You need to put various factors into consideration to help you choose the most suitable one based on your needs. Some of the top considerations to make are highlighted below.

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The location of the self-storage facility that you choose will have an impact on the cost of transportation. You should choose a facility that is located close to where the items you intend to store are, or close to where you plan to transport them. Besides reducing transportation cost, considering proximity may also increase your convenience.

Customer Service

You should ensure that the self-storage facility that you choose has impressive customer service. This means that you should be able to get satisfactory solutions to all queries that you may have. Mandurah self storage, for instance, is known for exceptional customer service. Poor customer service may be an indication of poor organization within the facility.


The overall state of cleanliness of the self-storage facility should be impressive. Cleanliness indicates that the facility is well maintained and that your belongings are going to be stored safely. You should also confirm that there are no pesky critters in and around the facilities. Signs of pests around the facility mean your belongings may be at risk of being damaged by the pests.


The self-storage facility that you choose should have excellent security. This will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that whatever you have stored will be safe. Some of the security features to look for include digital access, good lighting, and security cameras, among others. Having an on-site manager present also indicates better security. Trained security guards should screen all prospective tenants.


Different self-storage facilities offer different storage spaces to tenants, based on the size of the facility. You will have to choose one that can accommodate all your belongings in one place for convenience. If your items take up a large space, you will have to opt for a larger self-storage facility.stored goods


The amount of money that you will have to pay for storing your items is another critical factor to consider. Ensure that the facility you choose is a good fit based on the things that you intend to store. If you want to store items that you were considering leaving on the curb, for example, you should opt for a cheap storage facility.

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