Main Types of Protective Gloves 2021-03-06

Safety gloves are essential components of personal protective equipment. Gloves are made of different materials including leather, latex, cotton, kevlar among others. These materials are known for their cold, heat, abrasion, and chemical resistance properties. This makes them useful for commercial and industrial applications. In addition to this, gloves are well designed to ensure that the users are adequately covered, thereby improving grip and. They have a wide application in the sports industry. Buyers can get quality and customized gloves by visiting

Putting on the right pair of gloves can protect one from potential hazards like chemicals, heat, cold, and electricity. Some of the essential factors that you need to take into consideration when shopping and for protection gloves include duration of your job, contaminants associated with your application, and occupational environment. This write-up is going to guide you in choosing the right type of gloves for your application. Outlined here below are the common types of glo0ves that you should consider buying:

Thermal Proof Gloves

thermal resistant gloves

As the name dictates, these products are highly resistant to extreme high and cold temperatures. They are mainly used by individuals handling petrochemicals. Again, they have a wide application in the furnace, welding, petrochemicals and laboratory applications. These gloves are made of materials that can withstand and handle extremely high and low temperatures. Such materials include aluminized materials and neoprene.

Chemical Resistant Gloves

These products are designed to protect the user from long-term exposure to corrosive chemicals like alkalis and acid solutions. Liquid resistant gloves are chosen depending on the solvent or chemical being used in the industry or laboratory. Some of the common materials used to make liquid resistant gloves include polyvinyl chloride, nitrite, latex, polyethylene, and neoprene. Individuals with sensitive skin types should always wear chemical resistant gloves before handing corrosive, breaching and oil–soaked solvents.

Vibration Resistant Gloves

These products are well designed making them effective in absorbing vibration and impact that mainly result from industrial operations. Absorbing shocks and vibration is the key to protecting people from being exposed to potential hazards that would detriment their health. They are mainly used in construction and fabrication projects.

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